DIY Habitation Check Manual

Do Your Own Caravan or Motorhome Habitation Check is written by a NCC (National Caravan Council) qualified technician who holds the NCC Motorhome Service Award.  

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Why do I need a habitation check?

Is a habitation check a legal requirement?

By purchasing this book leisure vehicle owners will be able to carry out their own comprehensive habitation checks to ensure that the living area of their motorhome or caravan is safe for them and other occupants.

Bearing in mind that the average cost of an annual habitation check carried out by a company is £200 just think what you could save year after year! 

The book is also ideal whether you're a seasoned leisure vehicle owner, a complete novice who's new to the world of caravans and motorhomes or a self-build enthusiast planning to start work on your first project.  Whatever the reason this book will be an invaluable guide and constant companion to ensure that problems (or potential problems) are identified early thus saving money and unnecessary inconvenience, but also as essential learning on how the different systems of your motorhome or caravan function.

Not only does it show you the tools needed to carry out your habitation check service, some of which you may already have in your toolbox (if not everything you need can be bought for less than half the price of an annual habitation check carried out by a company), but also where to source them and how to use them with accuracy and confidence by means of detailed explanations with images.

Divided into thirteen comprehensive sections you will be carrying out checks to the leisure battery, the vehicle charging system, the 12 volt electrical system, the mains electrical system, the LPG (gas) system and much more...

Do your own Caravan or Motorhome Habitation Check

Book Contents

Caravan or Motorhome DIY Habitation Checking

Available from Veloce Publishing and Amazon!!


Why do I need a habitation check?

Reasons to carry out a comprehensive habitation check to your motorhome, campervan or caravan.

What is a habitation check and why do I need one?


It is important to carry out a habitation check on your caravan or motorhome on a regular basis for the following reasons:

To ensure the interior of your motorhome or caravan is safe for you and any other occupants

For peace of mind

To spot potential problems early

Spotting problems early will prevent them becoming more costly

To spot potential issues that may affect the warranty on newer vehicles*

Lack of maintenance will void your warranty

To make sure all appliances and equipment are working correctly

Enjoy your holidays and lessen the risk of equipment / appliance breakdowns

To protect your investment

A regular habitation check schedule will help to maintain the value of your vehicle

Save money by doing it yourself!


Habitation checks are not a legal requirement

Buy the book and save £££'s!

Habitation checks are not a legal requirement and do not need to be carried out by a company. The checks are performed mainly for motorhome, campervan and caravan owner’s peace of mind and also to spot problems, and potential problems, early so as to prevent costly repair bills. Therefore, by using this book as guidance, it is possible for owners to carry out their own detailed habitation checks saving money year after year!

Available from Veloce Publishing and Amazon!!