Guide to Campervan / Motorhome 12 Volt Electrics

Learn how to convert any van into a go anywhere, wild, festival camper.

The idea of this book is to guide readers through the process of building a 12 volt powerhouse that will convert any make of van into a functional, wild campervan!
With the use of detailed explanations and images all of the subjects and tasks in the book should be well within the scope of a reasonably competent DIY enthusiast.
The content will be especially useful for readers with outdoor interests (e.g. fishing, hiking, cycling, or going to events and festivals) who don’t wish to go to the expense of a purchasing a ready-built campervan.

The book is different to other campervan conversion guides in that, unlike other books on the subject, it doesn’t expect its readers to become a master carpenter overnight, or to have specialist knowledge or tools. The idea is for readers to be able to convert any make of van to a wild campervan with a minimum of expense and fuss.

Also, even if you already own a campervan, but wish to take trips to more out of the way places where electric hook-ups are not available then the book will be an invaluable guide on how to increase your leisure vehicle’s off-grid capability. It is also ideal for those who want a van with an off-grid powerhouse for charging up power tool batteries and running electrical accessories etc.

Available on Amazon (paperback and Kindle) and Ebay!

Published by Bits4Campervans.

Author Keith Johnson.